Bunker and Lubricants News Round up – Issue 04

w/c: 25th May 2020

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World News – bunker fuels

European Commission Publishes Report on Carbon Emissions From Shipping 

TheEuropean Commissionhas published its first annual report on carbon dioxide emissions from the shipping industry. The data, from11,600 shipscalling at ports in theEuropean Economic Area in2018, shows the ships contributed a total of138 million tonnesof carbon dioxide that year, the organisation said Monday. (Ship & Bunker) 

Read more: https://shipandbunker.com/news/emea/195589-european-commission-publishes-report-on-carbon-emissions-from-shipping 

IBIA Seeks to Develop Bunker Licensing Scheme at Ports Worldwide 

The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) is seeking to persuade the authorities at the world’s largest bunkering ports to create bunker licence systems similar to Singapore’s to provide a consistent standard of service around the world, according to its chairman. (Ship & Bunker)

Read more: https://shipandbunker.com/news/world/962131-ibia-seeks-to-develop-bunker-licensing-scheme-at-ports-worldwide 

Carbon Emission Targets in the cloud of COVID-19

The rollout of the IMO’s sulphur cap has been overshadowed by the pandemic which is having a major impact on shipping globally. Covid-19 will act as a catalyst for change as the phenomenon will have a far wider, more profound impact on global fuel oil demand for years to come. (Bulugo)

Read more: https://bulugo.com/carbon-emission-targets/ 

U.S. sanctions advisory raises hurdles for global maritime industry 

Ship owners and insurers say it may be impossible for the maritime industry to fully comply with the Trump administration’s new guidelines on how to avoid sanctions penalties related to Iran, North Korea and Syria, raising the risk of disruptions in a sector already struggling with the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak. (Reuters)  

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-sanctions-maritime/u-s-sanctions-advisory-raises-hurdles-for-global-maritime-industry-idUSKBN2332LG

Asian shipowners dismayed over canal toll increases 

Asian shipowners have called for stability of tolls levied by the major waterways of the Panama and Suez Canals. In a statement following the 29th annual general meeting of the Asian Shipowners Association (ASA) the recent toll hikes by the Suez and Panama Canals were noted. (Seatrade) 

Read more: https://www.seatrade-maritime.com/finance-insurance/asian-shipowners-dismayed-over-canal-toll-increases?  

World News – marine lubricants 

ExxonMobil introduces multi-fuel marine cylinder oil

ExxonMobil is introducing Mobilgard 540 X, the latest addition to its advanced MobilGard cylinder oil range. The lubricant is specifically formulated for use with both 0.1 per cent and 0.5 per cent sulphur fuels and liquefied natural gas (LNG) and will be available from June 2020. (VPOGlobal)

Read more: https://vpoglobal.com/2020/05/28/exxonmobil-introduces-multi-fuel-marine-cylinder-oil/ 

ubrizol joins shipping’s zero emissions ambition

The Lubrizol Corporation has become the first lubricant additive technology supplier to join the Getting to Zero Coalition. An international group currently endorsed by 14 governments and composed of more than 100 organizations, it aims to drive the development of commercially viable, zero-emissions deep-sea ships by 2030. (Sea News) 

Read morehttps://seanews.co.uk/shipping/lubrizol-joins-shippings-zero-emissions-ambition/  

Climate change/future fuels 

Shipowners see hydrogen and ammonia as ‘the most attractive long-term fuel options’, According to ABS survey  

Nearly 60% of shipowners see ammonia and hydrogen as the most attractive fuel options for the long term, according to an ABS survey. They also found that nearly two thirds of owners currently have no decarbonisation strategy in place. (Bunkerspot)

Read more: https://www.bunkerspot.com/global/50579-global-shipowners-see-hydrogen-and-ammonia-as-the-most-attractive-long-term-fuel-options-according-to-abs-survey?  

Maersk throws weight behind renewable methanol as a fuel of the future 

Some of the biggest names across the Danish transport spectrum including Maersk are joining forces to produce sustainable fuels for road, maritime and air transport in the Copenhagen area. The news is also notable for Maersk’s determination to pursue renewable methanol as one of its main fuels of the future. (Splash 247) 

Read more: https://splash247.com/maersk-throws-weight-behind-renewable-methanol-as-a-fuel-of-the-future/  

Digital transformation 

Drone makes first vessel delivery at the port of Rotterdam

On 22 May, the Port of Rotterdam marked the first delivery of a parts consignment to
Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit, as part of a pilot project involving Dutch Drone Delta, Allseas and the Port of Rotterdam. The project has been set up to determine ‘whether and how drone deliveries could increase transport efficiency in the Port of Rotterdam,’ said a statement from the port. A video of the drone delivery at the Port of Rotterdam can be accessedhere (Bunkerspot) 

Read more: https://www.bunkerspot.com/europe/50566-europe-drone-makes-first-vessel-delivery-at-the-port-of-rotterdam 

From bikes to blockchain: Shipping industry goes digital in lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has accelerated a digitalisation drive in a global shipping and logistics sector that still routinely delivers many documents by bike messenger in some countries, according to industry leaders. (Reuters)  

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-shipping-blockchain/from-bikes-to-blockchain-shipping-industry-goes-digital-in-lockdown-idUSKBN2340YW 

Startups hold the keys to maritime innovation

As the industry tackles the challenges around the global coronavirus pandemic this is increasingly important. This has forced shipping companies to develop digitalisation and new methods of remote working, while becoming more competitive during to shrinking levels of worldwide trade. 

Startup Wharf founder and managing director Leonardo Zangrando wants shipping to learn about startups and work with them as future innovations will not be physical, but digital. (Rivieramm) 

Read more: https://www.rivieramm.com/news-content-hub/startups-hold-the-keys-to-maritime-innovation-59531 


Ship Crews Stuck at Sea Are Facing a ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ 

Even as countries try returning to some semblance of pre-pandemic life, ongoing restrictions are wearing thin a crucial human link in the global supply chain. More than 200,000 seafarers stuck on merchant ships carrying everything from medical supplies to grain and oil are at increasing risk of mental and physical fatigue as port restrictions and cancelled flights snarl the ability of vessels to change crews, according to the International Chamber of Shipping.  (Bloomberg) 

Read more: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/ca.finance.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/ship-crews-stuck-sea-facing-210000992.html


Maritime initiatives

Maritime charity welcomes Esben Poulsson and Dr Grahaeme Henderson as inaugural Vice-Presidents to assist in protecting and supporting seafarers 

The Mission to Seafarers today announced the appointment of two new Vice-Presidents; Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping and Chairman of Enesel Pte. Ltd, and Dr Grahaeme Henderson, Vice President, Shell Shipping & Maritime. (Maritime London) 

Read more: https://www.maritimelondon.com/news/mission-to-seafarers-appoints-two-new-vice-presidents 



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