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Bulugo connects you to a rich database of suppliers so you can find the best deal, fast

Simplified procurement

Whether you want to pick up fuel in Fujairah or lubricants in Liverpool, we’ll put you in direct contact with the suppliers in those ports. You can quickly and easily select suppliers, request prices and then compare quotes to unlock the best deals. If you are flexible regarding the brand, you can allow suppliers to suggest alternative products that have the same specifications. Or, if you are flexible on your port of call, we can search for nearby ports and allow you to compare pricing by location.

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Save time and money

Simply register and request quotes globally. You can access the whole market, engage with current or find new suppliers, then when you receive the deal you want, we link you directly. You can save significant time by streamlining your procurement process and reduce operating costs by ensuring you always have access to the best prices. See how much could be saved on transactions with our savings calculator.

Do you need a marine credit facilityBulugo can also offer external unsecured finance of up to US$20m per buyer. In line with market requirements, we can arrange payment terms of up to 120 days on a revolving credit account. To find out more, register your interest.

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Bulugo is free

Bulugo is free for you to use and we don’t charge buyers a subscription fee. We simply bill the supplier
$1 per tonne for fuel and $0.10 per litre for lubricants, payable after delivery.